Monday, March 14, 2016

Updating Publishing Page attribute in SharePoint Online

We have moved over to using the Patterns and Practices approach to SharePoint site deployment, with the exception of a few older or more complex .wsp based sites and for one product we are using post-provisioning tasks to modify the values of a custom content type based on values passed through PnP by storing them in the property bag.

Initially, the site template we were using was a vanilla Team Site, however, it was deemed necessary to enable publishing to achieve certain goals. Once this was done, we needed to checkin/checkout/publish the page in order to make and save the changes. This was failing with the save operation complaining that the page was checked out. Initially I was shouting at SP because I knew the page was checked out, because I had asked for it to be, however, it seems that this wasn't the checkout SP was referring to.

Finding this post on Stack Overflow ( it seems that the flow needs to be:

  • Check out
  • ExecuteQuery()
  • Modify
  • Update()
  • ExecuteQuery()
  • Checkin
  • Publish
  • ExecuteQuery()
When we did this the page was successfully updated. One thing that I additionally did was to wrap the checkout/executequery in a try/catch so that if the page was already checked out, it would carry on and run the update. However, this will probably only be a solution if the user who has the page checked out is the same as that running the current update.

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