Thursday, March 10, 2016

Credential Error with VS 2015 multiple accounts

Strange one, but I was trying to log in to my personal MSDN Azure subscription from Visual Studio 2015 in order to deploy a web app, something I've done many times before, and it asked me to refresh my credentials. However, every time I tried, I would receive the error

"We could not refresh credentials... multiple_matching_tokens_found" (or something along those lines, apologies I didn't get a screen shot).

So Googling I found the following issue which was closed as 'Not Reproducible', but in this case I could reproduce, and I followed the suggestions.

Can you try one of the following workarounds to see if your issue is resolved?

1. Go to, and follow the instructions described under "Add a second user account to Visual Studio" to open the Visual Studio Account Manager
2. In the Visual Studio Account Manager, remove the accounts used to access the affected Azure subscriptions shown under the "All Accounts" section of the dialog
3. Re-add the accounts you had just removed
4. Close the Visual Studio Account Manager
5. Try using your Azure subscription again

If that does not resolve your issue:

1. Close Visual Studio
2. Open the Windows File Explorer
3. Go to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VSCommon\VSAccountManagement
4. Rename or delete the AdalCache.cache file
5. Restart Visual Studio
6. Try using your Azure subscription again, and enter your account credentials if prompted

For me, the second option, deleting the credential cache worked.

I just wanted to record this somewhere as there are obviously some people suffering from this but it's unlikely to be solved.

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  1. Thanks for keeping a record of this because the workarounds have been DELETED from the Visual Studio Connect Bug !!!
    And yes, even after this update the bug is still very much active for people with multiple "related" accounts (worse in fact):